Monday, July 20, 2009

Look at those freckles Mom!

This little guy was so super cute! And I was told about his energy,..and regardless of the jumping over the couch picture (which I think is just classic btw!) he actually did amazing for any 4 year old at a photo session! The perfect little gentleman,..who just happened to give me a great action shot as well! Love it! And yes,..look at those freckles Mom!!!

More Seacrest Martinique Sneak Peeks!

Here are some more of the Seacrest & Martinique Sneak Peeks! Gotta love these first two lovies, sweet! And Joy, so good to meet your little beauties! These will be memories you will cherish forever, cliche', but how fast they grow! Precious! And Bielski's, I am soo glad you sought me out while I was snapping my three in Seaside! So good to meet you, and so glad I was able to do these for you! I love how they turned out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jill and Matthew's Wedding

I had the priviledge of shooting my sweet sister in law's wedding this past weekend! Here are some of her sneak peeks! Everything was perfect, (as it was rainy off and on through the week), everything,..and of course, she looked beautiful! And yes, that is my little man playing in the flower petals! He was the ring bearer (or as he told us prior to, the ring master, mom warned us, "no, he has it right,..he knows what he is talking about!",..and he did, always!) And you gotta love the jumping pic,..and the Charlie's Angel's pose (with her and her beautiful, sweet bridesmaids)! And of course, the sunset! Beautiful too!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little A's almost 4 month shoot!

This little man was so precious! So glad to get to meet him! Here's a sneak peek to tide you over until all of the proofs are up! And by the way, I accidentally confiscated your green pillows while not thinking and throwing all of my stuff in my car! So funny! Apparently little man wasn't the only one who liked them! We'll get them back to you! Enjoy!

Seacrest & Martinique Shoot!

The Seacrest/ Martinique shoot went AMAZING!!! Minus some rain in Seacrest where we had to reschedule a couple the following Sunday all went fairly without a hitch! The rain on Thursday actually made the water following it look that much more amazing,..and the clouds provided for some amazing softbox lighting! I ended up with 11 shoots all together, so here is the first batch of sneak peeks (rest of the sneak peeks should be up soon!) And special SPECIAL thanks to Sieta for making it an even more amazing shoot by letting us borrow her beautiful couch (AND helping get it out there!) Her pictures of her and her husband (below; who by the way I can claim some responsibility for matching up about 10 years ago?!) are absolutely gorgeous!!!

These two look like they came straight from an Abercrombie ad,..aren't they beautiful!!

This beauty was a little upset at us for not letting her jump in the water nearby, so we weren't entirely sure exactly what we had actually gotten. But, in all honesty, had this been the only picture from her whole shoot, would have been so worth it! This absolutely goes in my handful of favorites ever,....true beauty.

Jeni,..thank you too!! I am so glad we got these,....they are so precious!

Just stunning!

I am so glad the rain cooperated for this little one, and I had you both turn around to make this shoot,..especially as you came all the way from Birmingham! I would have hated to have come so close and not made it! These are so beautiful to me (and yes, I have never had one this little cooperate quite so well,..she was awesome!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seacrest Mini Shoot!

I am SO very excited! Our Seacrest mini shoot session will be here tomorrow! I have finalized the Seacrest shoot schedule, and will post it below. I also need to send out directions! We were a little up in the air on the location (carrying a couch down all of those steps leading to the beach I was unaware were there! But we can do it! Actually Steve and Ryan,..thanks guys!) The directions since I believe most will be coming from the PC side are as follows:

Follow 98 past Pier Park and keep going roughly another 9 or 10 miles until you hit the light at 30A. You will turn left on 30A and go another several miles (maybe 3 or so) and once in Seacrest/ Rosemary Beach you will come to two huge pillars on either side of the street; go a little past those and you will see Fonville press on your right and just past that right across the street will be Kings Castle road I believe is the name of it (on your left). Off in the distance toward the beach you will see a huge area with steps and pillars. You can't miss it, and you can't drive down there, but there is gravel you can park on outside of it and walk down. We will be on the beach directly behind it (just come down all of those steps! :) ). Call me if you have any questions 770-712-5853 and my husbands cell phone if I am shooting is 770-428-8414 (Steve).


4:20-4:50 Mullen

4:55-5:15 Roberson

5:20-5:40 Marler

5:55-6:15 Stewart

6:20-6:40 Andre

6:45-7:05 Robbins

7:10-7:30 Ward

I am also attaching a picture of the couch we are using and taking out to the beach(not all the pillows),..but it will be beautiful! I am so excited!
And we'll pray for no rain,'s been a little dreary lately,..but as long as we just have clouds, we'll shoot right up until it rains on us! Cloud cover is some of the best lighting anyway!
Also. for those who haven't paid yet, it is just $50. I can take cash or a check made to Camden Photography, (but I probably won't have much change with me.)
And lastly, if I don't get a chance to talk to everyone like I would love to be able to (as you can see the schedule is tight!) I am so excited you will all be here, and truly can not wait to get to see you!



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seacrest Trip

Here are my little guys hanging out at Seaside last night. They had so much fun!

Kimberleigh kept running after this little girl with the camera. I think she was so impressed that someone just a little bigger than her had such a big camera like momma. She loves pretending to take pics with her camera.

Love this little model!
Sweet little man had to run over to have his pic made in this.

I want to make a silly face mom!

Nothing could warm my heart any more.