Saturday, December 11, 2010

life is precious, life is sweet

Okay, so this is why a good majority of my photographer friends have sworn off child photography. I don't know why but it tickles me. Maybe because for a moment it's not one of my little three (who are all 5 and under)! But it doesn't stress me. I think because it's at this moment, that I know there is probably not a thing in the world I can do to change what it is. It is what it is. It's real life. Both beautiful and laughable. And I think it solidifies that we're all just the same,..we're all in this together, and we all go through most of the same things, joys, pains, things that don't go entirely our way, or even close sometimes, and even crying babies, who are seemingly doing it when you most don't want them to! But you know what,..these are the pictures I love. Not because I like for my sweet babies to be sad, but because it's just real; real moments, happy or sad. Nothing contrived, but part of this life we live every single day. I'd rather live a moment of real, than to have felt like I had never really lived.
And the happy family pictures of a family that I adore, and especially the shoes in the mouth, don't make me sad at all either!

My wishes that you and those close to you have a Merry and well lived Christmas!