Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Contest!!!

The monkeys up there.

So, my kids are beyond cool. Seriously, they really are pretty awesome little dudettes and a dude. And to top it off the three of them came up with their Halloween costumes for tomorrow and decided who they would each be, and I happen to think the idea really kind of ROCKS. So, in honor of their awesomeness I have decided to give away a $25 Starbuck's gift card (and because I LOVE Starbuck's,..AND because fall and pumpkin spice are my FAVORITE) for the first person who can guess what they are going to be. The first person to contact me with the right answer will be considered the winner!

Simply copy and paste (and follow) the below rules to your facebook page, along with this link, and send me your answer (via FB, blog comment, or whatever special way you know of to contact me, and I LOVE chocolate, so if you can reach me along with some chocolate you may just have a home-field advantage,..kidding,...but seriously,..happy guessing!

Copy and Paste and follow the below to your FB page with any other message you want!

Camden Photography Halloween Contest

1. Like the Camden Photography fan page (because it's awesome) :) !!
2. Share this blog link to your fan page along with these copy and pasted rules for the contest.
3. Guess what the above awesome little monkeys are going to be for Halloween, either by a FB post on the fan page, or comment on Camden Photography's blog, or any other way you can think of to contact!

I will post a clue tonight via the blog and fan page, and another tomorrow morning if no one has guessed yet!

Clue one: It is theme related!

And a small disclaimer,..if you know my kids and have managed to drag it out of them (even via clues!) lol, are ineligible! :)

Happy Guessing!!


So here are the clues:

Clue One: It is theme related!

Clue Two: It is sitting on my desk!

Clue Three: Something new on my desk! (You can double click the picture to make it bigger).