Monday, October 26, 2009

My favorite framer!

So I got a chance to take these pictures today for my favorite framer in Woodstock,..Kathy at the Picture Framer and her grandson Aidan,..isn't he beautiful!? His daddy has Japanese heritage and his Mommy, American,...and he just came out gorgeous! I don't know why,..but I have always wanted to adopt a baby boy with some Japanese heritage,....can I just take him home with me, Kathy? Just for a bit,..I'll give him back! Totally joking,..but he was precious and it is always fun to see what you get when you're not always 100% sure exactly what you got! He did great,..but at 15 months they often have an agenda of their own! But I am so happy with what we did get,..precious,..Mommy will love them, sweet of you Kathy to do for her! Enjoy!

Love this one!

Even after I got those leaves from the City of Woodstock's landscaper, he was totally not having it! Still cute!

Just precious!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Moments

What I love about these,..we had just planned on doing Little A's 6 month pictures,..but ended up grabbing a few at the end with mom,..simply precious,..I love the unexpected little moments that sometimes show up!